Anti Racism/ New and Right Spirit

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Ash Wednesday, the New York Conference conducts a one-day special online funding campaign to continue and grow our commitment to fight racism and educate about white privilege. Now more than ever, this work is essential. This year we trained facilitators who have begun their work throughout New York State. In addition to the work of facilitated conversations, this year we will give 25% of all our proceeds in support of Reverend Dr. William Barber’s call to participate in The Poor People’s Campaign targeted to address race issues in New York (


September 15th and 16th, a group of New York Conference members gathered at White Eagle Conference Center for two days of intensive anti-racism work. The diverse group, led by experienced facilitators, explored the historical aspects of racism in the United States as well as many modern-day manifestations of racial bias and discrimination. As participants listened, journaled and shared personal stories, each participated in the hard work of uprooting personal biases and broadening their understanding of systemic oppressive structures. With the help of the facilitators, these trainees acquired skills and learned techniques that will allow them to guide others in engaging in these very difficult conversations. These newly trained, Anti-Racism facilitators are available to lead discussions and host dismantling racism events in your association and communities throughout NY State. If you are considering holding an anti-racism conversation or event, do not hesitate to call on them. They are anxious to help.

Your New & Right Spirit Anti-Racism Facilitators:Dominique Atchison – Metro Association
Geraldine Howard – Metro Association
Amy Harbo – Metro Association
Chad Tanaka Pack – Reformed Association
Pierre Albrecht-Carrie – Western Association
Vicki Burtson – Susquehanna Association
Gary Smith – Susquehanna Association
Peter Nilsson – Genesee Valley Association
Alan Dailey – Oneida Association