Western Association (WE 548)

Updated March 2022

For more information about the Western Association, please click here to go to their Association webpage. 

Moderator:  Elizabeth Duffy

Assistant Moderator:  David Hess

Secretary:  Dona Roll

Registrar:  Douglas Charles

Treasurer:  Lynn Morgan

Lay Members at Large:

Dylan Gruber

Vanessa Adams

Department of Community Ministries:
Ted Brelsford, Convener

Center for Christian Growth of WNY:
Kirsten Albrecht-Carrié

Church and Ministry Committee – UCC:
Jeremy Lopez

Nominating Committee: 
Dona Roll 

Commission on the Ministry- CC (DOC): 
H. Wesley Perkins; perkins@hws.edu

Women’s Fellowship:
Cheryl Frank – CC (DOC)

Ecumenical Officer for UCC and CC (DOC):
Pierre Albrecht-Carrié

Representatives to Network of Religious Communities:
Pierre Albrecht-Carrié

Jonathan Lawrence, alternate

Representatives to Council:

Western Area Youth:

Krista Ulrich

Dunkirk Conference Center – David Hess

New York Conference – Dona Roll

United Church Home Society: Fox Run Jonathan Lawrence 

United Church Home (Plymouth Crossroads)  

Linda Richards