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Reunite Families

Reunite FamiliesRecap of Reunite Families Interest Group 6/26/18


1. Multi-dimensional aspects of crisis: 

a) Where are they?  We know the following locations have accepted taxpayer-funded contracts to accept “unaccompanied alien minors” ($ reflect contracts for current fiscal year):

Abbott House (Westchester County) — $2.5 million
Catholic Guardian Services (New York City) — $7.5 million
Cayuga Home for Children (New York City) — $40 million
Center for Family Services (Camden, NJ) — $4 million
Jewish Child Care Association (New York City) — $2 million
Rising Ground (Westchester) — $14.3 million
Lincoln Hall (Westchester) — $16.4 million
Lutheran Social Services (New York City) — $5 million
Mercy First (Long Island) — $5.7 million
Children’s Home of Kingston (Ulster County) — $2.1 million
Children’s Village (Westchester) — $6.9 million

I saw a news segment that mentioned children being sent to Buffalo.  Any information about this?

b) What can we do?

1. Call local US Representatives to express concerns/outrage

2. Find out for certain which centers are housing children and call local attention of media.

3. Organize vigils outside of centers with confirmed children

2. Reunification

a) Demand elected officials to stop deportation

b) Demand identification of children

c) Demand a plan for Reunification

3. Address the issues that cause the refugees to seek asylum


Action Items:

  1. Set up meeting with Kirsten Gillibrand. Vita is attempting to set up initial meeting with Gillibrand staffer at Conference Syracuse Office for July 17.  We will request that this results in a face to face meeting with Gillibrand.
  2. Meet with Mayor DeBlasio. The purpose is to express concerns from New Yorkers around the state about children being held in NYC and to ask for his suggestions on how we organize. Can Donna Schaper help facilitate this? Can someone from Collegiate request this?
  3. Publicize Pastoral Letter from UCC Leadership:
  4. Scheduled Rallies in New York for June 30:
    1. Albany West Capital Park 11am 
    2. Binghamton Federal Building 11am
    3. Buffalo US District Court for the Western District of New York 10am 
    4. Greenport LI 11am Mitchel Park on Front Street
    5. Huntington Station 49 West Jerico Tpke Intersection 1pm 
    6. Ithaca Bernie Milton Pavilion Ithaca Commons 11am  
    7. NYC  Foley Square to Brooklyn Bridge 10am. New Yorkers will gather in Foley Square to rally with the New York Immigration Coalition and then march across the Brooklyn Bridge to demand that Donald Trump and his administration stop separating kids from their parents! Families belong together, and we need to end this — NOW! March will be led by children and their families - parents encouraged to attend with children! Please RSVP on Facebook, as well:
    8. NYC/Jackson Heights Post Office to Our Lady of Sorrows, Corona 10am.
    9. NYC/Bayside 10am Bell Blvd LIRR entrance, West Side of Street. Directions: LIRR to Bayside, Q13 or Q31 buses to 41st Ave, or Q12 to Bell Blvd, walk north 3 blocks.
    10. Rochester Washington Square Park 3pm
    11. Rockville Centre Front Street by Long Island Railroad entrance 10am
    12. Syracuse Clinton Square 10am
    13. Watertown Watertown Public Square 10am
    14. White Plains Federal Court House 1pm

A more complete list of events can be found at:

5. Learn more at:

5575 Thompson Rd. • DeWitt, NY 13214 • 315-446-3073 • Fax: 315-446-3076 •