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Practical Resources for Churches

Practical Resources for Churches


Learn more about PRC - Practical Resources for Churches!

PRC is a nonprofit, 501(c) 3, non-denominational, education-based service organization providing professional consultants, educational webinars and workshops, and resources. Our goal is to provide faith communities time-effective, cost efficient and results-oriented programs and services. Although much has changed since the original Parish Resource Center opened in 1984, one thing has not -- the core of our organization is and will remain our professional consultants and their work with churches.

You may not be aware that the PRC is more than a “brick and mortar” organization.  You don't need to live close to the center to be a subscribing church and use the services of the center. Our team of consultants has expertise in various areas of church work and will work with you in whatever way is most convenient: by telephone, online or through our online meeting software. 

A church may use our services and borrow resources by becoming a subscriber and paying an annual fee. Subscription fees can be paid on an annual, quarterly or even monthly basis. We have rates for congregations not on Long Island:

  • With an At-A-Distance subscription, the entire congregation can contact PRC and ask for help for $250 per year. (Additional fees for mailing of resources may be applicable.)
  • If your church has less than 50 people in worship, the rate will be $175 per year.
  • We offer ministry contracts for a pastor or a ministry area, for example: Sunday school, for $175 per year.



Our consultants are at the core of what we do. Sometimes the hardest thing for a member of a subscribing church to do is remember that they are not alone. All it takes is a phone call, a visit or an e-mail. Our team of consultants have expertise in various areas of church work and they will work with any church member in whatever way is most convenient. 


No question is too small: 

I would like to do a dramatic reading about the women of the Bible with my small group.

I need a liturgy for the Blessing of the Animals.

Can you recommend a book to read about stewardship?


No question is too big:

Our Sunday school is dying; can you help us evaluate our program and see new possibilities?

Will you plan a day about worshiping through the senses, and include making a banner and walking the labyrinth?

Can we call you with questions about QuickBooks?


No question takes too long:

Can you tailor a lectionary curriculum for our Sunday school and e-mail it to the teachers each month?

Please help our women's group choose programming for the whole year!


No question comes too late:

It’s Ash Wednesday and I am starting a Wednesday night Lenten program for youth; can you e-mail me something?

I have a study on Romans tonight; what can I use?


If you would you like a consultant to help, give us a call at 631-821-2255 or 631-486-4350 or send us an e-mail.



We all know how difficult it is to train church leaders. Several years ago, PRC made the strategic decision to begin producing webinars in addition to our workshops and choose to align our productions with the mission of the PRC -- to provide practical and cost-effective solutions and resources for churches. The result was a program of short, one hour, topic-focused presentations by well-regarded authors and speakers that have practical answers to questions that churches ask.

Visit our website at for a list of upcoming and recorded webinars.



For those who live locally, in addition to webinars we still host at least one workshop a year with a nationally recognized presenter. For these workshops we get people who might travel for an hour or more to attend. We also hold free roundtables and retreats on a range of topics and in different locations. We will frequently hold them a second time in a different location if requested. 



Our consultants can recommend resources to fit your needs. If you are not in the area, we can mail resources to you from our extensive collection of books, DVDs, CDs and more.  

We have many adult studies for you to borrow, including DVD studies, as well as material to help you plan worship or put together a retreat. Our leadership section has the latest books on church transformation as well as resources to help you plan a stewardship campaign or start a spiritual gifts program and much more. 

For those who work with children and youth we have samples of all the major curriculums, including VBS kits and confirmation curriculum, as well as books with lesson plans and activity ideas. We also send out an e-mail with Sunday school lessons and activities based on the lectionary for every Sunday in the year.

If you would like an excel spreadsheet with a list of all our resources send us an e-mail. Soon we plan on having a searchable database on our website.

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