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Our Church's Wider Mission

Sharing  is an essential part of what God calls us to do as the people of God's Church. We are called to share our joys and concerns. We are called to share our time and talents. The church was founded with sharing at its core. 

In the United Church of Christ, one of the ways we are invited to share is through our offerings to Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM). OCWM is the way that the United Church of Christ helps distribute services, resources, and expertise to all within our faith community who have need. 

The Financial support your church shares, through OCWM, gives us the opportunity to have a common funding source that helps us all to do those things that we could not do as effectively by ourselves. OCWM helps OUR church BE the Church. 

If your church is currently contributing to OCWM - Thank You!

2015 OCWM Thank You Powerpoint

Below are resources to learn more about Our Church's Wider Mission:

2015 Ministry Team Report Powerpoint


OCWM PowerPoint













OCWM Plain Talk Video


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