Good Friday and Easter Harp

New York Conference United Church of Christ Good Friday and Easter Harp Music Good Friday If One Man Died John 18: 1-19 & 42 I found this an incredibly powerful and profound passage to read, ponder and create with. There is, as always seems to be in these scripture passages, lots going on! But in this case, all leads straight to “I Am He.” Bam! There it is. no squirming, no evading, no duck and cover. Here I Am. I Am He. I felt literally slammed by this statement. And then other statements surfaced and stood out for me. Twisting and tightening around that “I Am” is the cold, hard “it would be good if one man died for the people”, Judas’ treachery, Peter’s betrayal, as well as other tendrils of darkness – all as prophesied. In my pondering wanderings, I came across a reflection that suggested that where Jesus states “I Am He” it is the second most powerful “I Am” statement in the Bible, following Exodus 3:14. That the force of this expression of God’s name can be likened to when God told Moses he was standing on holy ground. Powerful. No wonder the guards fell to the ground! While there are many words and layers of meaning, I felt that it was the statements, the declarations – all very clear and concise in their meaning – that punctuated this scripture passage. It would be good if one man died. Who is it you want? Jesus of Nazareth. I Am He. I am not with him. (Peter) These statements, set as such in music, with each one having a different musical theme. I chose to include showing the words in the video in bold text as each theme played, to reinforce the power of each statement, driving the import of each statement home – as one drives in a nail. Blessings ~ Martha Gallagher Easter Remember What He Told You Luke 24:1-12 So much of the music I associate with celebrating Easter is very triumphant. And rightly so. Here, though, I chose a different approach; a gentle one. I was thinking Prince of Peace, and so the music is more gentle. Another word for “gentle” is “forgiving” – appropriate here, I think. Two men in clothing that gleamed like lightening – angels, I’m thinking – speak to the women who have come to the tomb. I have no idea how angels might actually speak, but imagine how such a conversation might go … One Angel: Remember. Remember, he told you! How can you not remember what he said? The Other Angel: Weren’t you listening? Weren’t you paying attention? Didn’t you hear him? Didn’t you know he was telling you what was going to happen? Remember…? One Angel: For Heaven’s sake, why are you looking for the living among the dead? You do remember what he said, don’t you? He is risen! The Other Angel: Remember? He told you…! And then they remembered his words. May we remember His words. Blessings of the Risen Christ to you ~ Martha Gallagher If this Harp Music Ministry has blessed you would you take a few moments and fill out this four question survey New York Conference UCC | P.O. Box 487, Syracuse, NY 13209 Unsubscribe Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by powered by Try email marketing for free today!

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