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UCC Churches Take On Teenage Male Homelessness

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

PlymouthCrossroadsPlymouth Crossroads in the Western Area is in the fight against teenage male homelessness. Young men make up a sad high percentage of the homeless population. Sometimes this is known as the silent epidemic as many are floating under the radar, sleeping in abandoned buildings or couch surfing from one friend's house to another with no direction or means of support. They may have been abused, have parents who are incarcerated or unable to care for them, faced unimaginable life difficulties, or even been disowned because of their sexual orientation. Often they fall into crime or addiction as a way of coping and surviving.

This facility was started by United Church Home Inc. in 2011 and is supported by many of the UCC and other churches here in WNY. Since its founding they have helped over 100 young men not fall into the trap of homelessness. They provide transitional housing, food, guidance and support, along with a feeling of belonging to a family. The boys are encouraged to set and go after goals. Many graduate from high school and go on to college, some find employment, and others choose to join the military - but they are on far different paths than they would have been without the intercession of this wonderful mission.

The Plymouth Crossroads philosophy affirms the right of every child to food, shelter, safety and assistance in growing into a healthy adult. They are performing amazing work here but money, of course, is always a problem. They run numerous fundraisers throughout the year including the upcoming Bluesfest, golf tournament, yard sale and murder mystery dinner, to supplement the funding they receive from government and philanthropic organizations. I think it might be helpful if you could put this information into one of the NY UCC emails to make more churches aware of what is happening here.

Please visit their website at for more information.

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