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Sue Frost Shares A Reflection About Her Work As Wider Church Ministries Coordinator

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The lazy days of summer are quickly coming to a close. I have been witnessing God at work as I reflected on the three commissions that make up our Conference Wider Church Ministries. Those summer days were certainly not lazy ones, as work and plans continue all 12 months of the year. The Global Church Commission is finalizing plans for Mission Possible VI to be held at Christ the King Retreat Center in Syracuse on October 4th.  We will join in conversation with Jon Barnes Executive Director of Mission Education and Interpretation from the Disciples of Christ. Check out your next copy of “Happenings Around the Conference” for registration information. The Commission is also looking at future mission trip possibilities for youth to Nicaragua.  If you have older teens who may be interested please contact me. The NY Help Honduras crew just returned from their second trip this year.  Dr. Gordon Comstock and a nurse practitioner took along much needed medicines, and the computer system was updated to hold all the clinical files. Work is underway to build several small kindergarten classrooms. Presently they meet under the trees, or in windowless closet sized rooms. Laura Jean Torgerson & Tim Donaghy toured across upstate bringing the story of their ministry in Nicaragua

The Commission on Interfaith and Ecumenical Relations continues to work with our two German interns Peter Guerth and Dr. Anneke Peereboom.  At the end of the August a few folks will be traveling to Israel where they will meet up with some members of the German EKHN. We ask that you pray for their work and safety.  Nine joy filled German EKHN youth arrived in the Metropolitan Association this summer. Besides contributing some youthful energy to Hurricane Sandy rebuilding, they attended the Mid Atlantic Youth Event.  Plans are now being finalized to host 10 German Pastors who will be visiting the Metropolitan area in September. Much thanks to Melva Victorino who creates their itineraries, and to all the host families who open their homes and hearts.

The Commission on Disaster Response has been inventorying the Tool Trailer and preparing to deliver it to Staten Island in a couple of weeks where it will be used by long term recovery teams of the Reformed Church of America. You can tell God is at work in all the churches across the state, when you see the  women collect bags full of women’s work gloves. The Sherburne UCC held a Disaster Response Tool Sunday. Amongst the items donated was a brand new generator. Six churches in the Western Association, Zion UCC, Church of the Nativity, St. James UCC, Arcade UCC, St. Stephens/Bethlehem UCC, and Cleveland Heights DC took a very large group of 50 plus youth and adults to Long Island to assist in the rebuild work.

 So on and on it goes throughout the lazy days of summer.

 Please, as you prayerfully consider your OCWM giving, remember……..God shows up, and so should we.

Susan Frost, Wider Church Ministries Coordinator


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