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New York Conference Upgrades Systems to Shelby Arena

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The New York Conference is in the midst of a major operations upgrade using the new platform Shelby Arena. Arena is a major upgrade to the software and operations of how the NY Conference does the important business of Church. Arena will integrate all conference databases into one integrated database of information. It will ease the creation of reports for committees, will streamline registration at NYSOM, state youth event and annual meeting. Arena will help the conference better track churches' and members' particular ministry areas of interest and send email/letters when special events are happening. Arena will do a host of financial and accounting integration along with tracking of OCWM, friends of the conference and Covenant Share giving. Arena will also allow the conference ministry team to connect to database information while in the areas we serve in.

The staff will be training on the new system from January 11 - 14. Please be aware of this important training time and take into consideration that conference staff may not be able to respond as quickly to requests during those training days.

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