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Invitation to Give to Friends of the Conference

Friday, December 4, 2015

Greetings in this Season of Thanksgiving!

I love to tell stories.  I especially love to write about real life stories that move the heart and the mind—poignant and meaningful.  When your conference staff gathers every six weeks, I often ask them to tell me the stories of our United Church of Christ ministry in New York that are changing lives.  And Oh the stories they have to tell.  Most of these are so personal that it would be dishonoring to share them publicly in any way.  But all of them were directly a result of the ministries of the United Church of Christ in our state.  We do change lives.

Young lives of teens who thought they had given up on church and God, until they found affirmation in one of our churches.  Lives of senior citizens who thought they could never mend a broken fence.  Lives who had become so isolated that they had lost hope in finding community…until they found it in one of our churches.  Lives on the other side of the globe who had no idea that a church like ours not only knew of their plight, but cared enough to change our way of life to make theirs more livable.  Amazing stories.

And you are a part of the story.  Your support of our ministries changes lives.  Please help us to maintain and grow.  Will you join me in making a gift to Friends of the New York Conference?  Click here to donate.

Thank you for your partnership

In solidarity,

David R Gaewski

Conference Minister

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