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Twenty-Four Hour Learning Events

Our fall and spring gatherings are learning events that bring a diverse group of participants together for thought provoking programs and vital community. Everyone is welcome. We come together for about 24 hours, gathering for dinner on Friday night and ending with worship before we head home mid-afternoon on Saturday. 

2017 NYSOM Spring Learning Event

"From Management to Leadership: How Leadership Styles Motivate and Empower Vital Ministry"

Leader:  Rev. Dr. Marsha Williams                              Marsha Williams

March 17 - March 18, 2017  (registration ends Thursday, March 2!)

Watson Homestead Conference Center

9620 Dry Run Road, Painted Post, NY 14870

Before the event, participants need to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment, TOP 5 STRENGTHS on line, ($15.00) which can be accessed through this link, and should be brought with you to the event:


Leadership and management go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing.  Often congregations seek pastors who are effective managers when a strong leader is what is needed.  The goal of leadership is to equip others and motivate them to strive toward a common vision.  Do we even recognize when we are managing projects instead of leading people? Do we understand our personal leadership style and how it impacts and influences the mission and vision within our congregations?

This learning event will encourage participants to discover their personal leadership style and the role it plays in congregational growth and success.  Additionally, we will explore how to maximize those leadership traits and avoid falling into the management trap.

This program fulfills 6 hours towards Associations’ continuing education requirements for authorized ministers. 


2016 NYSOM Fall Learning Event

"Discerning the Body: What We Need to Know About Our Churches to Lead Them Effectively through Change"

Leader: Rev. Dr. Mark Lawson

November 18 - 19, 2016


“One of the most dynamic and engaging NYSOM programs I have attended.”
“This needs to be taught in all seminary field-ed programs.”
“Mark’s presentation was very enlightening! Valuable stuff.”
“I always think I’m too busy to take the time for these retreats…and am always thankful I did when it’s over…so necessary both personally and professionally."

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2016 NYSOM Spring Learning Event

"Seeing in the Dark: Framing and Testing a Vision in Community"

Leader:  Rev. Beth DuBois

April 15 - April 16, 2016


“Great fellowship — developed some friendships & embraced some new visions/ideas to take back to my church.”
“It was informative and inspiring.”
“A host of ideas from fields beyond theology/religion. New approach to me.”



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