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New York School of Ministry
Schedule of Courses 2014-2015

When registration information is available for a class, it will be available on this page. If you have questions about registration for a course, please contact Patti Rodrigues, New York School of Ministry Registrar, or 315-446-3073 x15.

Our face to face courses meet at The Amistad Center, 5575 Thompson Road, DeWitt, NY 13214. Students can participate in our webconferenced courses from their home computers. 

FALL 2015

20-Hour Courses


Webconferenced Courses:

No face to face meetings required. Students are expected to have webcams(which can be purchased for under $30 at stores like Target)

Cost per 20-hour course: NY Conference Students: $250;  Audit: $175; Repeat Course Audit: $100

Students outside the New York Conference: $275; Audit: $200 (plus the Distance Learning Support fee)

Distance Learning Support fee:  $69 per 20-hour course or $133 per semester (2 courses).

Distance Learning requires technological support. For webconferenced courses, students outside the New York Conference are welcome. The NY Conference provides that support for its students; we ask other UCC Conferences and participating denominations to provide that support for their students (if such church support is unavailable, the distance learning support fee is the responsibiliy of the student).



This course will present an introduction to Church History from the time of first responses to the resurrection of Jesus through the impact of the great reforms of Luther and Calvin.  It will focus on important institutions and ideas and the people who shaped them.  It will explore the continuing relevance of the history of the church for the way people think about the church and conduct themselves as the Body of Christ.

Instructor: Rev. Steven Johnson, Ph.D.

Saturdays: September 12, October 3, November 7 & 21, December 5 (9am-1pm)

Registration Deadline: August 31, 2015

To view syllabus, click here.

Click here to register.



During this course we will: 1) study critically many of the documents of the Old Testament (e.g., Genesis through Esther) paying particular attention to their historical context; 2) examine the relevance of the Old Testament for the Christian church; and 3) discuss the role/use of the Old Testment in (our) faith development.

Instructor: Rev. David Cleaver-Bartholomew, Ph.D.

Sundays: September 27, October 4, 18 & 25, November 1, 8 & 15 (6:30-8:30pm)

Wednesdays: September 30, October 7 & 21, November 4, 11 & 18 (7-8pm)

Registration Deadline: September 10, 2015

To view syllabus, click here

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Spring 2015

New Testament II

We will seek to gain an understanding of the epistolary material of the New Testament by answering the following questions: What factors led to the creation of our Christian New Testament?  What do the New Testament epistles teach us about the development of early Christianity?  How do these epistles function as "scripture" in our own time?

Instructor: Rev. J. Mark Lawson, Ph.D.

Saturdays: January 24 & 31, February 21 & 28 (9:00am-2:30pm with 1/2 hour lunch break)

Foundations and Practice of Pastoral Counseling

This 20 contact hour course addresses the basics of counseling in a variety of situations where there is a pastoral element in the professional relationship: from the parish setting, where counseling may happen even in the chance encounter over refreshments after worship, to the professional counselors office, where it may be the structured and focused deep healing of pastoral psychotherapy.  Utilizing theoretical and practical perspectives, the course encourages participants to develop a clearly articulated picture of the strengths and limitations of one's pastoral and professional role, skills, and setting.

Instructor: Rev. Wayne E. Gustafson, D.Min.

Saturdays: March 28, April 18, May 16 (9:30-4:45 with 1/2 hour lunch break)


Fall 2014 

Introduction to Christian Ethics

Most people think their faith should have some impact on how they behave. Ethics is the study of the way people think about moral behavior: What rules should we follow? What kind of people should we be? Join us for a consideration of the way Christians think about these things.

Instructor: Rev. Steve Johnson, Ph.D.

Saturdays: Sept 6, 20, 27, Nov 1, Dec 6 (9am-1 pm)

New Testament I

We will seek to gain an understanding of the narrative material of the New Testament by answering the following questions:  What do “scripture” and “canon” mean? What was the historical context in which each gospel was written? What do we know about the historical context of Jesus’ ministry? How do the four gospels inform our Christian understanding of Jesus?

Instructor: Rev. Mark Lawson, Ph.D.

Saturdays: Oct 25, Nov 15 & 22, Dec 13, Jan 10 (9:30am-2pm-with 1/2 hour lunch break)

 In an effort to support life-long learning in the NY Conference, the New York School of Ministry offers occasional courses to meet the needs of lay people and authorized ministers.

8-Hour Webconferenced Course

"Death is Not the Enemy"

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Martha Jacobs

Tuesday evenings - November 11 & 25; December 2 & 9 from 7-9pm

Questions: Contact Marjorie Purnine at or 315-446-3073x16

5575 Thompson Rd. • DeWitt, NY 13214 • 315-446-3073 • Fax: 315-446-3076 •